Thursday, 4 October 2012

Honey Honey, How You Thrill Me...

French bee-keepers in Ribeauville reckon they’re going to lose out on earnings this season, due to the recent M&M occurrence with local French bees producing various hues o’ honey. 

So, here's my solution to the purple/green honey incident. Why not sell them as “special edition” Halloween stock? Purple and green have pretty much made themselves popular on the colour chart of Halloween, just pop in a free jar of marmalade and bingo; you've got yourself some creepy coloured toast for Halloween! They’d make plenty from this I mean, come on, you can almost smell how exuberant shoppers will become when they see purple, AND green coloured honey for Halloween. WHO WOULDN'T?  It’d 'bee' a honey fuelled heaven for them! You could watch them as they fail to contain their excitement with their fresh loaf of overpriced bread, running like loons around the supermarket. Try and stop them. They’ll say things like, “How amazing is this, right?!” “My life is now SO much better”, “I can’t believe it’s only limited edition, what ever will I do when it ends?” …And then they’ll pass out after reading “Buy two, get a jar of Marmalade free!”

And it doesn't end here my friend. You could even beat the system! Instead of sending your child on his/her way to visit complete strangers in your neighbourhood, just feed them this French honey! It’s most likely already filled with thousands of E’s for your kids, and to no expense of wasting your money on a ridiculous amount of candy to get them started. Think of all the money you’ll save! 
What a treat.

So to conclude, they should totally do this. 

For more information about this ridiculous news topic, click here 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

DIY Acid Wash (Clothing) and Advice.

As you know, when acid washing a shirt, denim, cords, or any material, you’re going to be using a significant amount of bleach. Now here’s a tip, instead on flailing your bottle of bleach all over your item of clothing like a crazed maniac, use an old paint brush or two. It gives it more thought, compassion, and makes it look all pretty. 

Caution- This post focuses mainly on shirt material.
So, to get started you will need:
Household bleach
Distilled vinegar
Latex gloves, rubber gloves, gloves with any form of protection for your hands 
Old clothes, in case things get messy
Paint brush 

 Start off by dampening your shirt with cold water.
 *If you want to dip dye do make sure to use an old bucket and ruler. If it’s for decorating all over, I’d recommend placing it outside on newspaper. 

The next bit is the fun part, you can decide to either:

  • fling the bleach about, carefree. Ensure surfaces are covered.
  • use stencils by placing it over part of the material untouched by the bleach, then bleach over it
  • GO INSANE! MAKE A WILD MESS! (which looks super cool IMO) but don’t accidentally attack anyone in the process…
  • make pretty patterns (hand prints, animal patterns, writing)
  • use a spray bottle- effective for the ‘stone wash’ look
  • tie dye  

Next, leave your items of clothing the time it takes to reach the shade you desire. I left mine for about 10 minutes tops. 

Here’s the main advice:
First off, remember to rinse your item of clothing in distilled vinegar after you’re done to STOP the bleaching process, otherwise it’ll be a weird off colour in the morning (unless that’s yo’ thaaang).  
And secondly, unless you’re a tard like myself, DO NOT leave your paint brushes in your jug of bleach over night as they WILL dissolve. Like this- 


Finally, you can either hand wash your shirt, using plenty of washing liquid. Or you can simply throw it in the washing machine on it’s own for a cycle. And hey presto, it’s done!

Jack Daniels tee from Reef Clothing, Preston

And remember guys, cherish your paint brush’s life. They have souls too.