Thursday, 4 October 2012

Honey Honey, How You Thrill Me...

French bee-keepers in Ribeauville reckon they’re going to lose out on earnings this season, due to the recent M&M occurrence with local French bees producing various hues o’ honey. 

So, here's my solution to the purple/green honey incident. Why not sell them as “special edition” Halloween stock? Purple and green have pretty much made themselves popular on the colour chart of Halloween, just pop in a free jar of marmalade and bingo; you've got yourself some creepy coloured toast for Halloween! They’d make plenty from this I mean, come on, you can almost smell how exuberant shoppers will become when they see purple, AND green coloured honey for Halloween. WHO WOULDN'T?  It’d 'bee' a honey fuelled heaven for them! You could watch them as they fail to contain their excitement with their fresh loaf of overpriced bread, running like loons around the supermarket. Try and stop them. They’ll say things like, “How amazing is this, right?!” “My life is now SO much better”, “I can’t believe it’s only limited edition, what ever will I do when it ends?” …And then they’ll pass out after reading “Buy two, get a jar of Marmalade free!”

And it doesn't end here my friend. You could even beat the system! Instead of sending your child on his/her way to visit complete strangers in your neighbourhood, just feed them this French honey! It’s most likely already filled with thousands of E’s for your kids, and to no expense of wasting your money on a ridiculous amount of candy to get them started. Think of all the money you’ll save! 
What a treat.

So to conclude, they should totally do this. 

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